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About Us

Nurturing Wellness
and Transforming Lives

Your Reliable Companion for Pediatric and Adult Rehabilitation Services.

Situated in the heart of Al Ain Region, Emirate of Abu Dhabi, we stand as a leading facility. Pioneering transformative care, we are committed to revitalizing lives through innovative rehabilitation services.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the highest standard of care for individuals of all ages. Our compassionate approach, evidence-based practices, and focus on personal development set us apart as a leading rehabilitation and mental health center.

Our Services

Dive into the Canvas of Our
Unique Services

With our one-of-a-kind portfolio of specialist services, you may embark on a tailored care journey. Each product is tailored to fit your specific wellness goals, ensuring an exceptional experience on your road to health and happiness.

Occupational Therapy

Unlock potential with personalized therapy. Overcome challenges, develop skills, enhance daily activities.

Speech Therapy

Unlock communication. Specializing in speech disorders, we improve skills, overcome challenges.

Physical Therapy

Restore mobility, vitality with tailored services. Recovering from injury, managing conditions, enhancing fitness.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Experience healing chiropractic adjustments. Aligning spine, promoting balance, improving well-being.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Return to the game. Restore strength, agility, functionality after injury. Let's work for a safe return to your active lifestyle.

Posture Correction

Achieve better health with improved posture. Alleviate discomfort, enhance alignment, promote well-being.

Injury Prevention Programs

Stay injury-free with personalized prevention. Designing strategies for an active lifestyle.


Client Feedback

Discover what our valued clients have to say about their life-changing experiences with us. Read our heartwarming testimonials and be inspired!

A blessing for our family!

Kidzo Care is a blessing for our family! Exceptional pediatric occupational therapy sessions brought remarkable improvements in our child’s development. Skilled and compassionate therapists made each session enjoyable. Grateful for the progress our child has made. Thank you, Kidzo Care!


Aisha Khalid

Therapeutic Haven

Confidently recommending Oxygen Rehab Center for its safe, nurturing environment and caring therapists. Their psychotherapy sessions provided valuable insights, positively impacting my mental health.


Fatima Ahmed

Personalized Game-Changer

Oxygen Rehab Center’s physiotherapy is a game-changer! Tailored treatments, advanced techniques, and equipment have significantly accelerated my recovery. Grateful for their personalized approach and positive impact on my physical health.


Omar Al-Mansoori

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Our Trusted Family


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